andis master vs wahl senior

Andis Master Vs Wahl Senior Which Is Better For You

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Sometimes people are divided in their opinion and can’t take the right decision easily. Because it is not his/her own troubles only whereas a lot of the same products of different brands are available in the market and they are relatively the same in color, price, and features.  I believe this informative guide of Andis master vs Wahl senior will helps you to select the best one according to your needs.

Both of these 2 items are best barber type hair clippers and you can find two or any of them in a salon.

The power and long-lasting quality of these 2 clippers make them best home hair clippers also.

Andis Master Vs Wahl Senior

To know more specifically about these two items it is better to go some main features in individually and for some features combined way.

We will show the specification & includes into the box in a comparison table as if you can detect the main difference at a glance.

Let’s have a look on Andis Vs Wahl beard trimmer senior.

The main 3 Andis Clippers are given below.

Best of the best Andis Mater hair Clippers are in the market for you.

1. Andis Master

15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper, Silver (01557)

To know details of this check the Andis master review.


2. Andis Professional Fade Master Hair Clipper

with Adjustable Fade Blade, Silver (01690)


3. Andis Fade Hair Clipper

with Adjustable Blade, Gold, Model US-1 (66245)

From the above list we recommend you for the first one. 

Main Features of Andis Master

Features of the Andis Master may differ from model to model but in this versus article we would like to featured out the common one.

The main features for all models of the Andis include-

Magnetic Motor

The magnetic motor of the Andis works both for wet/dry hair. 

Adjustable Blades

The blades are very adjustable and that is 00000 to 000.

Aluminum Housing

It is made of aluminum and this is very strong in a word unbreakable.


·         Powerful Motor

·         Blades are easily adjustable

·         Aluminium body that is very hard

·         Made in United States


·         More weighty

·         After 30 minutes use it may hot and need to rest sometimes.

·         Absence of Additional combs 

Main Features of Wahl Senior

The below Main Features of the number 1 brand of hair clippers and trimmers Wahl comes with a lot of features. But for the senior here we describe the main features.

This hair clipper is a commercial grade clipper and is perfect for professional use. Moreover, this is a great hair-cutting tool for barbers. 

V9000 Motor

It includes a V9000 motor that is electromagnetic and you get perfect haircutting.


All the necessary components you will find into the clipper box of any model of the Wahl.

Red Blade Guard

A red blade guard generally works as a safeguard for your skin.  

Below the list of the Best of the best Wahl Senior hair clippers are in the market.

1. Wahl Professional Senior Clipper #8500

Great for barbers and stylish. 

For more about check the Wahl professional hair clipper reviews

2. Wahl Professional Reflections Senior Clipper #8501

Great for Professional use

3. Wahl Professional 5 Star Series Senior Clipper #8545

Great for Professional Stylists and Barbers


·         Powerful V9000 Motor

·         Good battery life

·         Comfortable use


·         No zero gapping


Andis Mater

But it may differ from model to model

·         It comes with a high-speed magnetic motor

·         14,000 cutting strokes pm

·         Carbon steel blades adjust from 000-1

Wahl Senior

But it may differ from model to model

This Wahl seniors are comes with-

·         V9000 electromagnetic motor and 

·         Operates at 120 volts/60 hertz

What Contains into The Box?

Andis Master

Andis clippers package includes-

·         The clipper

·         Required oil

·         Cleaning brush

·         Guide Manual

Wahl Senior

Package includes-

·         The clipper

·         Three attachment combs

·         Necessay oil

·         Cleaning brush

·         Instructions Guide and

·         A red blade guard

Final Thought about
Andis Master Vs Wahl Senior

Those who are thought about Andis Master Vs Wahl 5 Star Senior, it is clear to us that they have enough knowledge on hair clippers. But for make it easy to choose from the Andis Master and Wahl Senior, it is the tough job.


Here a good approach for you to choose the best professional one:
If your choice is Stylish and Presentable one then 
Andis is the best.

If you emphases on better grip rather than weighty, Wahl Senior is the best.

Do you need the best hair clippers for fades? It is the Andis Master for you.

Idea from a budget-friendly hair clipper, The Wahl Senior is perfect.

According to warranty- Wahl is the best and try to buy from a dealer for getting this opportunity more easy.


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