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Electric Shaver Vs Razor Comparison – Key Differences

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If you wonder what man worries about other than choosing the right partner, then the answer would be the constant battle they have about choosing a shaving kit. Electric shaver vs razor: which one to choose?

Dating and shaving kit are more or less similar because unless you get your “the one,” you don’t stop searching for it. Like every other thing in the world, electronic shaver and razor have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.


So, to clear your confusion for your next shave, we are going to present a brief comparison between electronic shaver and razor. We hope by the end of reading the article, you find your “the one”!

Electric Shaver

The electric shaver is usually renowned as an option that provides men with both flexibility and control equally. The electric shaver has a great feature that offers users to avail different shaving options.

It gives different options to choose rather than going for a completely clean shave. Some may prefer a more chiseled shave. So, next time, if you want to stylize your look, you can go for different options to try on with electric shaver. 

Some suggest that electric shavers are basically the more technologically innovative versions of traditional razors.

With the use of an electric shaver for women, you can easily get a clean shave that is as precise as the regular razors. Nonetheless, an electric shaver is more convenient and efficient in terms of smoothness and performance.

Let’s a video for women electric shaver that gives you the right information before buying it. 

Types of Electric Shaver

There are different types of electronic shaver in the market. But, there are two primary types of it, and they are:

·         Rotary Electric Shaver

·         Foil Electric Shaver

The face of the rotary shaver is circular and fat. There are three to four rotating heads on the top of the rotary shaver that circulates when the power is on. It is best suitable for those guys who like to have a thick beard. This shaver helps them to manage their unmanageable beard that grows in different directions.

On the other hand, in foil electric shaver, you can find a thin cover of foil that covers the blades. This cover helps to lift your hair while shaving, and it also gives you a very clear and precise shaving experience as you expect.

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of electric shaver quickly:


Gives Us Ease and Speed

One of the best advantages of this is it does the regular job very easy. You just have to grab the shaver, set it in automatic cleaning and charge it. You are good to go for the next perfect shave.


As there is the presence of a sharp blade at the traditional shaver, it brings out some risk. On the other hand, an electric shaver provides more comfort, less irritation, and bleeding.


Though the initial purchase may seem pricy, it is a long-term investment for yourself. You can check the Braun shaver for your electric choice.



Less Accurate Than Blade

Electric shaver doesn’t shave as closely as blade does.


It Takes Time to Adapt

For the first time, users may face razor burn or some kind of problems because electric shaver takes time to adapt to your skin type.


When it comes to the more traditional way of shaving, the answer is razors. A huge number of people prefer razors because they are just used to shaving with a razor.

Now, this tool consists of a blade that helps to remove unwanted hair by shaving.

Types of Razors

It has two main categories. Those are-

           1. Disposable Cartridge Razors

           2. Safety Razors

The first one is easily available in supermarkets, and it gives the user different numbers of the blade. There are three and five varieties that are available for the customer.

On the other hand, the safety blade comes with a small device that carries the double-edged blades.

It is often believed that safety razors give customers a superior shaving experience than the disposable razors because sometimes, disposable razors irritate the skin. However, if you use a single-blade razor, then you will have a hard time finding any difference between them.

In comparison, you may find that razors have some benefits over the electric one. As you have more control over the blade, you can decide and control the blade as your preference. Also, it is cheap to buy, as there is no battery or recharging system.

Still confused? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages it offers:


Easy to Use

Disposable razors are comparatively easier to use. So, many teenagers learn their first shave with it.

Cleaner Shave

It is no doubt that razors provide a better finishing of the shave. The blades can go very much closer to the hair and cut it cleanly. This provides a smoother texture on the skin.

Easy Replacement

The blades and other equipment of the razor are easily available in the market, and one can replace them with no struggle.

Cost-effective Option

Though the cost can add up in the long run, razors are the cheapest and cost-effective shaving option for all the men around.


Ease of Travelling

As razors come with no additional charging ports and cable. Travelers can easily grab a razor for their entire trip. It is very easy to carry and clean. As this gives a very nice shaving experience, you can easily look good on your travel photos.


Time Consuming

It is more time-consuming than electric shaving options. As it takes more time to groom with shaving creams and other products.

Repeated Replacement of Blade

The blades of the razor become rusty and dull over time, so one has to replace them after 4-5 uses.

Cuts in Facial Areas

As the blades go very close to the hair, it can also cause cutting of the skin and bleeding.

Final Words about Electric Shaver vs Razor

Though we provided all the necessary information about these two, the debate over electric shaver vs razor will still go on for upcoming years to come.

As mentioned, the razor is more of a traditional way of shaving. So, if you can use it carefully and comfortably, then you are good to stick with your favorite one.

On the other hand, those who have decided to make the decision to use electronic shavers; instead, I personally think it is one of the best decisions to make life more convenient.

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