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Are you thinking about lightweight and quick haircutting clipper? Want to save your money and time? Oster Fast Feed Review for Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510 provides you this features along with compact design and style that will offer double the power as compared to a magnetic clipper.


This clipper blade delivers you quick along with precise trimming. For very close slicing you have to adjust the blade in size 000. On the other hand, for medium hair cutting you will set it to size 1. Moreover, if you are in a wet hair, the Whisper-Quiet Oster Pivot continuous-duty motor supplies the power to slice.

Summary about Oster Fast Feed Review


Why do people like it? Normally, the Oster’s Whisper-Quiet pivot electric motor dual in electric power as well as capacity when compared with other magnetic motor unit. Moreover, without pulling hair from your head, it is cutting hair fast, more effective way plus thoroughly clean.

In addition, the blades (size 000-1) are easily adjustable. As a result, from the recommend of expertise and my experience from the past, from many hair clippers for men in the market you can choose it.



Including with clipper

Other activities


The Oster Motor is double powerful than any other magnetic motor


Blade guard

Long lasting



Sizes 000 and

Lubricating oil

Ideal for all types of hair cuts


Whisper Quiet Pivot Motor


Clipper grease

8-foot power cord




Cleaning brush

Can cut all day long


At a Glance of The Product

Product Dimension

Product Weight



Check Price

6x 3 x 10.5






Check Price

Important Information for You

The most important features of this clipper are the Whisper Quiet Pivot Motor. It consists of productive, powerful, economical, lightweight and incredibly operating in a silent mode. So, most of the barbers and professionals are like it.

Another feature is the magnetic Clippers power is 2 times than another normal clipper. This provides you the opportunity to trim hair through the wet/dry hair. Without buying any extra blades, one can swiftly replace the length of the hair cut.

The magic feature of the adjustable blade allows the stylist to do it easily. The blade size 0 for close cutting and 1 for medium. Recommended blade units are #76913-506 and #76913-536 for greater performance.

Main Features of the Oster Fast Feed Clippers

  • Motor: This clipper comes with a heavy-duty and powerful motor known as Whisper-Quiet pivot motor.

  • Blades: The clipper blade is made of stainless steel and adjustable between size 000 and 1.

  • Combs: It consists of 4guide combs for different length hair cut with a blade guard.

  • Oil: Also, you can get the clipper blade oil. Use this clipper oil after every use for achieving better performance.

  • Cleaning Accessories: Cleaning accessories help you to clean the blade perfectly that increase the durability of the clipper.

  • Power Cord: In addition, a 8 feet power cord provides you to plug in the outlet as required.

  • Color: The available color of the product is Burgandy.

Container Box Consists of The Following Materials

  • 1. Guide combs

  • 2. Necessary blade oil

  • 3. Cleaning brush

  • 4. Guide manual, etc.

Design, Performance & Features


The 76 is actually a direct drive clipper. Even though it also a motor driven clipper which includes removable stainless steel cutting blades. On the other hand, fast feeds tend to be direct powered. If you would like distinct slicing hair lengths you need to use the low cost plastic material accessories.

Benefits of Using This Clipper

Several factors are works behind picking up the clipper.

Customers never feel disappointed buying this Oster product. Let me take a look.

  • It offers highly effective pivot motor containing double the potency of a magnetic motor.

  • The operation of this clipper is very smooth. Nevertheless, swift and always provide the best outcomes according to your desire.

  • The sleek and stylish shape and comfortor ergonomic modelcreates anexcellent grip.

  • You are able to trim towards zero to medium lengths or as you desire using the changeable clipper blade. Without pull your skin, it can use for close-cutting.

  • The price of this item is cost-effective and sustainable that is coming from renowned Oster Company.

  • The corded clipper makes you free from charging tension. Like a plug and play. Connect to the plug and you can enjoy quick and perfect trimming.

  • The controlling function of this clipper is quite easy.

  • It performs works effectively regarding all kinds of hair along with wet/dry option.

  • The whisper-quiet motor is definitely great for frequent use.


  • A single cutting blade suits for all trimming requirements.

Pro Tips for You

Try to use Oster replacement blades always. Oster Fast Feed Hair Clippers Review suggest you to buy Oster pro comb sets. To ensure the maximum fulfillment of specifications, the company completes 26 step methods for creating Oster blades. So you are tension free about the best performance of the blade. For this reason, this is one of the best clippers for barbers for the perfect trim.

Pros and Cons

No product you can find in the universe without any cons. May be a product or services possesses some disadvantages, but in this product the expertise found much more advantages. Right from the experience, we are suggesting to buy this Oster fast feed without thinking about second consideration. Additionally, this clipper cost also below your current wallet.


  •  A heavy duty powerful motor that trimming the hair quickly

  •  2 detachable blades fits for all types of slicing

  •  Compact design and long lasting

  •  Flexible and reliable

  •  Light weight for smoothly use and a charming ergonomic design

  •  The grip is very easy to adjustment

  •  Perfect for very close and medium cutting

  •  This provides accurate trimming.

  •  Friendly for sensitive skins

  •  Good for all types of hair

  •  Use for both wet or dry hair

  •  Easily manageable

  •  Easy to clean


  • Not good for balding and bulk cutting


  • Warranty 1 Year only

Simple FAQ’S

Question: Can we cut wet/dry hair with it?

Answer: Yes, you can cut both of wet/dry hair with it.

Question: Have any difference between Oster fast feed and Oster Classic 76?

Answer: Yes, it has some basic difference.

3 Alternatives of Oster 76023-510

1. 5-Star Balding Clipper  8110 – Great for barbers and totally bald the head.

2. Andis Master Clipper 01557 –  Slim design with high-speed motor.

3. Wahl Professional 8500 Senior Premium Clipper – Electromagnetic motor and great for barbers.

Maintenance of Hair Clippers


For smooth and long-lasting service of hair clipper, you have to aware of the maintenance of the hair clippers and trimmers. In general, use the clipper oil regularly and clean the blade accurately

Final Word-Wrapping It Up

Definitely, Oster products are good but this is one of the best selling products for its performance and reliability. This powerful motor saves your money and time as well.

Oster Fast Feed Review for Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510 is the best option for those who wanted to buy a clipper which contains all sorts of demand that people or stylist generally wants with a reasonable price.

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