Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper Review

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I am by nature a hairy person. Things used to get terrible for me in the hot summer months. That is because hair traps heat and makes me feeling way very uncomfortable. I also attempted many possible solutions but failed to obtain the desired outcomes.


A friend of mine who had a similar issue introduced me to this Panasonic cordless hair clipper. How I wish he had done so much earlier. Given the success I enjoyed, I felt compelled to draft this Panasonic ER 1611 review as a way of aiding others in my shoes.

Presenting The Panasonic Clipper ER 1611

All said and done, this Panasonic er-1611-k professional hair clipper is suited for both home and professional applications. That is because it is simple enough to comprehend yet powerful enough to tackle all the toughest hairs with relative ease. It is also designed to eliminate unnecessary hassles which other blades impose to their users.


While cutting hair, it does so with ruthless efficiency. This stems from its possession of the specialized blade shape. By use of this specialized shape, the clipper traps and then cuts the hair without at all letting it go. The end result of this arrangement is more enduring outcomes.


  • Handles a larger amount of area than most ordinary blades

  • Performs the cutting exercise much faster than most blades would

  • Suitable for both home and professional applications

  • Operable in two voltage areas and locations

  • Accommodates many attachments which extend its applicability



  • Simpler persons may find it complicated

  • Consumes higher levels of electrical power

  • When broken, requires huge financial investments to repair

Exclusive Features & Benefits of Panasonic ER1611 Review

The following features are make this hair trimmer popular to its customers.

High-precision Blades

Generally speaking, the blades of the Panasonic professional hair clipper deliver precise outcomes. That is mainly because they are very responsive and takes less time to implement any prompt or input. You may, as a matter of fact, use these blades to generate some decent patterns and styles on your hair.

Sharp 45 Edges

Other than being precise and responsive, these blades are also easier to engage. That is mainly because their edges are in the form of the 45. This has been noted to be the most reliable edge. You are hence certain to obtain the most responsive outcomes which also leads to less wastage of time.

X Taper Blade Shape

Setting this clipper apart from the others is the X taper blade. It does have a larger cutting surface which in turn delivers greater cutting speeds. Being large, the cutting surface also handles many hair strands at a time, a fact that goes a long way in expediting the clipping process.

Superior Hair Clipper

Deliberate attempts have been made by the manufacturer of this hair clipper to make it better at trimming excess hairs. It delivers uniform and consistent outcomes. While at it, the hair clipper does not in any way interfere or disparage the follicles. It does not also compromise your comfort in any shape or form.

Twin Voltage Clipper

The clipper operates on two voltage modes. These are the 110V and the 120V respectively. These voltage ratings are the two most common world over. They are complemented by the Panasonic ER 1611 battery. By choosing this clipper, you are subsequently spared from the confinements which others have to endure in their use of other clippers.

Premier Blade Speed

It is also powerful enough. This is evidenced by the premier blade speed it manages. The clipper is a matter of fact capable of attaining the comfortable 10,000 revolutions per minute. It takes shorter durations to achieve the clipping tasks which it is devoted to, courtesy of this awesome cutting speed.

Comfortable Dimensions

Without any attachments, this er1611 Panasonic clipper measures a decent 0.8-2 mm. With the attachments included, it stretches to 3.0 mm to 15.0 mm. As you may see, these two dimensions are not so bulky. On the contrary, they are short and slim enough to fit just about any hair length or size.

Longer Run Time


When fully charged, the clipper can operate smoothly for around 50 minutes. Definitely, this duration is long enough to tackle all kinds of hair and head sizes. Unless for commercial applications, you will not have to recharge the clipper every now and then while in use.

Professional Construction

Only high-quality parts and components have been used to make up this hair clipper. That is because the manufacturer understands that everything counts. It is not enough to have the clipper perform some good work. For your utmost peace of mind, it is also necessary that the clipper you use be strong and reliable.

Specialized Blade Shape

Its blade is specialized in shape and construction. Unlike the blades of the competing clippers, the one for this machine is such that once it gets hold of hair, it never lets it go. Instead, it deals with the hair thoroughly for your best outcomes. In the meantime, it wards off excess pains.

Comprehensive Set

Many other parts, tools, and accessories are needed for comprehensive cutting outcomes. Yet again, the manufacturer of this blade understands that fact too well. That is why it incorporates all these co-operant accessories in a single packaging. You will not have to look elsewhere for your hair care needs.

Great for Travels


Lastly, this Panasonic er1611k hair clipper is certainly for you if you do change locations every now and then. The main reason underlying this is its ability to function seamlessly in the two main voltage ratings. Further, the hair clipper also comes along with an added EU/US plug converter for the sake of switching between these two power ratings.

Final Words About Panasonic ER1611 Review

As you may have already seen from the entire review, this hair clipper is the ultimate solution for the hairy person or problem. Its efficacy in handling hairy conditions is certainly a trait that makes it a ‘must have’ hair trimming appliance.


That it can operate in multiple voltage rating conditions, coupled with its dual applicability i.e. professional and home use further sets it apart from all the other clippers. Why don’t you order it right away? Click here to make this crucial first step.

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