Andis Slimline Pro Li Cordless T-Blade Trimmer Review

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There is good news about the power of Lithium-Ion battery and its overall performance to slice hair. This Andis Slimline Pro Li review offers you highest 2-hour cordless run-time after a complete charge.


This Andis Slimline Pro Li Cordless T-Blade Trimmer comes with a BeauWis Blade Brush which is crucial to clean the trimmer easy and effortlessly.

Things To Consider Before Buying Slimline Pro


I’ve had to worry about my shaving and the hair cutting because it gives me the desired outlook. To get this outlook the first thing is the hair clipper and then other accessories like- shaving cream, gel, brush, etc. So, before buying a hair clipper, you have to consider your looking style and skin condition.

What You Need To Know Before Getting This?

Before buying this tool you have known the following things:


  • If you’re a man

  • What your budget?

  • What type skin you have?

  • For what purpose you mostly use

  • You are a cordless lover

Features and Benefits of Andis Slimline Pro Li

Though the features are not much more than other hair clipper but in this Andis Slimline pro li review you can find the following features.

First of all, the Andis Slimline pro li blades are very sharp and perform well for a long time due to its cutting quality.

Also, it comes with a powerful and high-speed motor that operates noiseless motion.

Another feature of this hair clipper is the Lithium-Ion battery that holds a long lasting charge. After taking a full charge it operates for 2-hours.

Moreover, it takes only 15-minutes for a quick charge and well-known as best cordless hair clippers to all.


For your instances, if Andis your best choice and you’re searching another then Andis Barber Combo Hair clipper/trimmer is for you.

What included with The Clipper?


  • A Trimmer

  • T-Blade

  • Charge Stand

  • Blades oil

  • Combs

  • Brush

  • BeauWis Blade Brush

At a Glance

Product dimension

Product Weight


Run Time

8.1 x 2.8 x 5.2 inches

11.7 ounces

Lithium Ion

2 hours


2-hours run-time

Powerful Li-Ion Battery


Only can use in the USA

Simple FAQ’s in Andis Slimline Pro Li Review

Question: Can the blade set for zero gaps?

Answer: Yes

Question: Can this item be ship for other country?

Answer: No, it is only within the USA.

Question: What type of battery required for this hair clipper?

Answer: 1 AA battery is required for this clipper.

Final Words – Wrapping It Up

If you’re fond of love with the brand Andis, so this is a good one for you. You can purchase this trimmer according to its battery performance and cordless using the time that is 2-hours. Though the full charging time is 2-hour and 15 minutes but you can use after a quick charge.


It offers both cord or cordless use and the charging stand for charging easily and shows the charging condition according to the built in light option of this clipper. 

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