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Rotary vs Foil Shaver Which is Better For You And Why

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Rotary vs foil shaver? That’s the question that every man has to consider when it’s time to replace that old clogged up cartridge based razor. Say you have finally decided to purchase an electric shaver but once you do the research, you are more confused than ever.

Granted that electric shaver can last up to 20 years, setting on the best electric hair clipper can be quite overwhelming. How do you know when it’s time to invest in an electric shaver and forgo buying cartridges?


Well, here, we have compiled a detailed guide to help you understand more about electric shavers and hopefully help you make the right decision.

Things to Consider before buying Rotary or Foil Shavers

There are so many options to choose from such as:

·         Rotary vs foil

·         Dry vs wet shaving

·         Self-cleaning vs. manual cleaning

·         A separate beard trimmer vs. one with trimmer attachments

·         Battery life 

·         Prices

·         Brands


And let’s not even get started with what people with sensitive skin have to consider. One of the main determinants is, of course, price. How much are you willing to cough up for a new device? What sort of features matters most to you? Are you willing to spend your hard earned cash on a second-rate shaver that isn’t durable or do you prefer purchasing something that will cater for your needs for about a year as long as it’s within your price range?

Just a few years back, electric shavers were not as trustworthy as they are today. They used to be expensive and never quite gave you that close shave you expected. It is hard and near impossible to find a shaver that caters for all requirements for everyone all packed into one little package.

That was until electric shavers came along with many models of incredibly innovative groomers that changed how men cut their facial hair.

Rotary Shavers vs Foil Shavers: What’s really the Difference?

Foil operates in a linear motion thus a user has to use back and forth motions to trim their beards. Rotary operates in a clockwise circular motion, mimicking the rotating disks movements. For maximum effect, follow your trimmer’s motion. If you make a mistake of using linear motion with a rotary trimmer, it might pull and tug on your facial hair which can lead to in-growths, itching, redness, and soreness.

Design & Technology for Foil vs Rotary Shaver 

Here you find the complete idea of Rotary vs Foil Shaver.


The first shaver ever invented was a foil type. Invented back in 1923 by Canadian Jacob Schick, this type was quite popular and remains so till date. Best foil shaver type shavers use electricity for operation. Our top pick would be Braun series 7 790cc-4 electric foil shaver due to its ease of use and performance.


Foil type shaver are coated with a foil exterior that covers its blades. This layer provides a protection for users. Foil shaver for head has oscillating blades that move back and forth or linearly. However, they might not be able to tackle those hard-to-reach contours of your face.

 A rotary trimmer was invented back in 1939 by Philips. It uses three circular disks that spin fast to trim facial hair. Rotary trimmers are used in a clockwise motion. Some more expensive models offer pivoting in all directions for maximum traction.


NOTE: Rotary heads are best suited for individuals with stronger hair or for men who don’t shave on a daily basis as it can tackle long beards with ease. Additionally, foil offers you daily shaving for your sensitive skin.

Is an Electric Shaver Worth the Investment?

Electric shavers have heads that fixes and adapts to contours of an individual face and neck. You will rarely need to repeat the same area twice- like you are probably used to with other shavers. Simply pass by once and let your handy little device take it from there. There is no easier and faster way to achieve a smooth finish than with an electric groomer. Plus, you do not need to ever purchase razor blades ever again.

These best hair clippers are great investments because they provide an incredibly close shave each time, at shorter duration’s of time. Plus, they are water-proof meaning you can simply run them under running water and all hair and shaving cream will be discarded – or you can always opt to cough up a few extra bucks and buy a unit that self-cleans or best cordless hair clippers. All in all, electric trimmers are definitely worth the investment.

Features & Benefits of Foil Type shaver’s

·         Has a foil exterior which offers added protection from the blades

·         Can tackle thick and long beard

·         Easy to use and maintain

Features and Benefits of Rotary trimmer

·         Long lasting battery life

·         Lightweight and compact

·         Most are highly affordable, making them ideal for anyone working on a budget.

·         Eye-catching designs

Social Proof

Anyone who enjoys grooming while showering will enjoy using these trimmers. From perusing through online reviews, it is clear that most people prefer purchasing electric trimmer once off as opposed to always having to deal with cartridge based razors that seem to dull out within a week’s time.


Furthermore, these units use very little electricity to charge up – your utility bill will not be dented whatsoever. Imagine paying little to no extra costs for a close and more comfortable shaving experience. Whether you wish to get rid of that 5 o’clock stubble or your 3-day long beard, electric-shavers will be able to get you that fresh, clean look in mere minutes.

Final Thought about Rotary vs Foil Shaver

If you are someone who values and prefers simple products that get the job done without too many complications, then you should definitely buy an electric shaver. We all have different types of skins and hair, which is why we all need options for something that works for one person might not work for us.

If you are tired of spending tons of money on disposable razors that leave you with razor burns and other skin irritations, then you should definitely opt for an electric trimmer. Have you ever used an electric shaver before? What was your experience? We would love to hear from you so do leave us a comment below and let us know of your experience and preferred choice – foil or rotary?


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